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Allerdale GDF Working Group – March Newsletter

March 26, 2021

Sue Hayman explores what a GDF could mean for Allerdale

Baroness Sue Hayman is a member of the House of Lords and an Opposition spokesperson for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). She was previously Member of Parliament for Workington in West Cumbria and Shadow Secretary of State for DEFRA. She is a member and former co-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Nuclear Energy.

In this blog, Baroness Hayman shares her views on GDF as a long-term solution for dealing with higher-activity waste and explores the question ‘exactly where is the best place for a Geological Disposal Facility?’

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Allerdale Borough Council – how are they involved and why?

Councillor Marion Fitzgerald from Allerdale Borough Council is a member of the Working Group. In this interview, Marion explains why the council got involved and why it believes the project is important for the people of Allerdale.

“Wherever the GDF is eventually built, the people of Allerdale will be affected. Because the search for a GDF site is a long-term project that can deliver significant benefits in terms of investment in infrastructure, jobs, and skills, it is important that our community is provided with all of the information relating to this process.”

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Introducing Working Group Member, Andy Ross from Genr8 North Ltd

Cumbrian based company, Genr8 North Ltd, who specialise in land development and regeneration, are one of the members of the Allerdale Working Group. Following the announcement almost two years ago that RWM were inviting approaches from interested parties to come forward to discuss the potential for a GDF to be sited in their locality, the company met RWM with a proposal to consider whether or not Allerdale had the potential to host a GDF.

In this interview, Andy explains why Genr8 North Ltd decided to get involved in the GDF process.

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Allerdale GDF Working Group Launches First Ad Campaign

The Allerdale GDF Working Group recently launched an advertising campaign to let people know about the formation of the group and its purpose and inviting residents and businesses in Allerdale to join the conversation around GDF.

The ads were featured in the Times & Star and The Cumberland News during March and you’ll be seeing more of these ads and posters around Allerdale in the coming weeks and months!


A GDF in rock deep below the seabed – could it work?

As Allerdale begins to discuss the possibility of hosting a GDF, one of the questions that repeatedly crops up from people in the community, is whether it’s feasible to construct the underground part of a facility deep below the seabed, off the West Cumbrian coast.

In this blog, Danny Young, Engineering Manager at Radioactive Waste Management, sets out the possibilities, challenges and considerations and how the siting and construction process might work.

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