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New Members Join the Allerdale GDF Community Partnership

July 6, 2022

Four new members have been welcomed onto the Allerdale GDF Community Partnership to help broaden discussions with local people about the potential siting of a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) in the area.

A GDF is a highly engineered facility designed to safely and securely dispose of ‘higher activity’ radioactive waste, deep underground.

The Allerdale GDF Community Partnership is a group of local people and organisations, the GDF developer and Allerdale Borough Council which exists to look at the possibilities of hosting a GDF within an identified area of consideration, or ‘Search Area’.

Together they are taking forward discussions as to whether Allerdale is the right place to host a GDF by listening to the views of local people, sharing information and answering questions on geological disposal, the siting process and how the community could benefit.

This work runs in parallel to investigations carried out by the GDF developer, Nuclear Waste Services, to better understand the suitability of local geology and infrastructure to establish whether siting a GDF in Allerdale would be in fact possible.

The new Community Partnership Members who will be supporting this work are:

  • Becky Wolstenholme

Becky is representing Cumbria Youth Alliance – the lead organisation for the development and quality assurance of youth provision where all young people in Cumbria can thrive to achieve a sustainable and positive future.

  • Adrian Davis-Johnston

Adrian is a West Cumbria based businessman who has delivered research, development and innovation programmes over the past 18 years, most recently leading innovation projects at NUVIA UK. He is currently a Parish Councillor, and has previously been a District Councillor, School Governor, a member of both Cockermouth and Maryport Round Tables and a member of local amateur operatic groups.

  • Phil Davies

Phil spent 20 years in civil engineering construction and consultancy before joining the nuclear industry with senior roles at Nirex, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and NuGen. Since 2011 he has operated independently on strategic and radioactive waste management consultancy activities in UK and internationally. He is also active in activities centring around Lake District geology and Rotary. Phil is an advocate for deep-rooted community involvement in any prospective geological disposal initiative based on a long-term socio-economic vision.

  • John Coughlan

John is CEO at Workington based firm TSP Engineering and has previously held senior positions across other industries including nuclear, civil, defence and manufacturing. He currently serves on the Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership Board and Chairs the Advanced Manufacturing Sector Panel.  He is also the Chair of Workington Towns Board securing £23 million for the Town, Cumbria County Council Infrastructure Recovery Programme (IRP) and Shadow Board IRP. He has lived and worked in Asia, USA, Mexico, the UK and Ireland.

Allerdale GDF Community Partnership Chair, Mary Bradley, said: “I’m delighted to announce the four new members who have been brought onto the Community Partnership following a very successful recruitment campaign back in April. Their collective experience and local knowledge will strengthen the Community Partnership and help us broaden our conversations with the community about whether or not Allerdale is the right place to host a GDF.”

To learn more about Community Partnership members, GDF and find out how you can get involved and have your say, take a look at the website or contact us.