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New NWS Report – GDF – Creating Jobs & Skills: a First Look

September 29, 2022

A new report has been published by the GDF developer, Nuclear Waste Services (NWS), which focusses on the employment opportunities a GDF could bring.

Read: GDF – (Geological Disposal Facility) Creating Jobs & Skills: A First Look

The information in the report is generic and not specific to any particular geographical area, but it does give a very early indication of the types and numbers of jobs which might be created by a Geological Disposal Facility.

Key points from the report include:

  • A GDF will create more than 4,000 jobs within the first 25 years, during the early stages of siting and initial construction.
  • Work on a GDF will carry on for about 175 years, creating jobs for generations and generating an average of 2,000 jobs in any given year.
  • It is estimated that most of the jobs created during construction and operation could and should be locally based.
  • NWS says it is committed to training, support, and roles for the local community.

We recognise this report is a ‘first look’ and that further work will be required from the GDF developer in order to give a more detailed estimate, but it gives a very early indication of what hosting a GDF could mean for any given community economically and what opportunities it could present for local people and businesses in the years ahead.

The Community Partnership are interested to hear your thoughts in response to the report and encourage anyone with any questions or comments to get in touch.